Ian's Scarf

Over 6ft tall- so if Ian gets lost we can use the scarf to indicate his height. Roughly.

Modelled by me, I'll get Ian to model it when he receives it.

A spiffing accessory for any gentleman

This is a scarf I knitted using a few balls of that favourite Lang wool which I used for the Red Hat (see below). It’s for my friend Ian which he asked me to start over a year ago and I’ve only just finished (although there were a good 6 months where I didn’t touch it), so it covers whichever gifts I owe him from anything imbetween! As you can see it’s made to roughly represent Ian’s height, apart from that lots of the detail comes from the dyes in the wool. I knitted it in a K1P1 pattern and just kept going and going until I felt it was big enough.

Now we just need to make sure it reaches Durham in one piece!  He also specified that I’m not to make the box too embarrassing. Any suggestions on how to make a box embarrassing are appreciated 😉


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