Beaded Bracelet

Beaded Bracelet

Me wearing the bracelet =)

My Gran got me this great book with loads of ideas for beaded jewellery and accessories for my birthday as well as a brilliant set of beads. This is what I made using it. It only took me a few hours!


Metal Clay Jewellery

Made with metal clay in a workshop

I went to a workshop to learn how to use silver metal clay. It’s like clay but when put in a kiln the clay burns away to leave pure silver.  Here are the necklace and ring up close.

Filigree style necklace made with silver metal clay around a cork form.

Made using silver metal clay

Loving Pacman

In tribute to our custom Sprite Stitch Avatar

After the creator of Sprite Stitch, Johloh, made myself and my boyfriend a custom avatar for being a sprite stitch couple, we swiftly hama beaded it =)


Just Bead It!

By far the most instant craft ever!

Who would’ve thought that beads that you just arrange, then iron, would be so fun!!!! Currently waiting to make this into a magnet =)